Workplace Planning

Well-organized and structured planning is the foundation for growing a healthy business. Devi’s planning software helps business owners create and maintain the structure that will make you and your team more efficient. Share a single workplace calendar, set reminders, assign office tasks, manage projects and coordinate timesheets so you never need to write a reminder on your hand again!

Calendar & Integration

Do you find it hard to remember everything that is going on in your business?

All of Devi’s tools come together in the workplace calendar so you can quickly review your workplace priorities in one beautiful place. Quickly glance through upcoming public holidays, employee sick leave, client meetings and other team events so you can plan more effectively.

Integrate with Google Calendar so everyone on the team is on the same page and can help you manage the workplace schedule.

Admin Tasks

Your Admin tasks are organized and ready to be removed from your to do list.

As an Admin, you have a lot of responsibilities. That is why Devi provides clear tasks for you to complete in order to run your business smoothly. Each task will be shown by category and status. Complete all your tasks and get a satisfied feeling by the emptiness of you to do list.


No one can keep all the little details straight in their head. Share the load with Devi.

Do you regret always forgetting that one employee’s birthday? Forget to restock the stationary so no can print? Devi notifies you and your team of the little things that will make your day at the office run smoothly. And that employee won’t think you don’t like them anymore because you couldn’t remember their birthday. /i>

Timesheets & Time Tracking

Let Devi make annoying but crucial time-tracking into a powerful software tool to know exactly how much time your employees spend on projects.

Devi’s timesheets show you at-a-glance on what project your employees have been working.  Adjust your team more quickly to make sure you stay on schedule and your employees understand your priorities. You’ll no longer need to chase people down and ask what they’re working on, just ask Devi!

Team Projects

Collaborative and Simple project management software to keep your team on schedule.

Every business has its longer-term projects where you and your team members need to collaborate efficiently. Let Devi help you avoid finding out once it’s too late that you’ve overspent on a project. Devi presents an overview of your costs, reminds you of your budget and shows the time that your employees have dedicated to a project so you stay on track and on budget without using complicated excel sheets and custom software.

Contacts & Organizations

Manage all your clients, suppliers and other contacts in one place.

Stay in close contact with your customers through the Devi CRM system. Search in our database for the customer you are looking for and send him a message to maintain a healthy relationship. All of your customer details are stored and are available at any time!