How we store your data

All data including files, assets and images are stored on secure servers in some of the most secure data centers you can find. The servers are closely monitored with powerful automated monitoring tools every minute of the day to detect any problems.



All Devi accounts use a SHA-256 DigiCert SSL certificate meaning data between your web browser / mobile and our web servers are secure up to one of the highest levels available. This includes all client sub domains and API end points.


Your billing information

All your credit card details are not stored by Devi. All information is held at our payment gateway contractors who store your data with the highest level of encryption. No credit card data is shared with retailers and is kept off the network. The information you enter is first encrypted using symmetric encryption before it’s sent to the payment provider.


Backing up your data

All of our databases storing your data is encrypted and backed up daily on both our servers and at a remote location for offsite back up. In the case of data loss or corruption we can restore any data quickly.


get in touch

If you have any security related questions please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.