We Love Hipchat and Slack!

We love automation and optimizing our office and both Slack and Hipchat are great tools to help teams communicate.


Hipchat and Slack Integration

Notify your management chat room of new employee requests or let your team know of a new page created. We have added both Hipchat and Slack to our Devi workflow system. Send a highlighted message to your private managers chat room of overdue HR monthly tasks!


Recurring Chat Messages and reminders

With Devi’s recurring feature you can schedule your Devi account to automatically post messages to your chat rooms Monday to Friday at lunch time to remind your employees to recharge and get their lunch. Friday afternoons are power down days so remind your team to turn off their computers before they leave the office. Send reminders to your team to organise end of month entertainment – Devi is here to help you as a business owner and to get the most out of your HR department and team!


It’s up to you!

At our Devi offices we already have over ten useful chat messages to our developers and designers and we’re finding more uses for this feature every week. If you find some cool use of Devi’s Hipchat and Slack integration let us know!