Keep control of your Expense Claims


Save time, enforce policies, increase satisfaction and eliminate paper

As your business grows so does the hole in your wallet of the cash you forgot to pay yourself back. Buying printer toner, office stationary out of your own personal cash needs to be tracked correctly from purchase date to reimbursed date out of your company bank account. Employees want to know their expense claims are handled professionally and get paid back their expenses at payroll.

Route the expense claim to the correct department in your business for approval and reimbursement. Receipt attachments, audit history, commenting and customisable work flows means you can process expense claims quicker and without paperwork.

Devi will automatically streamline your bookkeeping and payroll at reimbursement and keep your expense claims compliant to your small business.

  • Quickly submit expense claims
  • Attach receipts and necessary documents
  • Customise work flows to enforce company compliance
  • Batch reimbursement
  • Generate reports and email
  • Audit history and messaging feature
  • Payroll integration
  • Automatic bookkeeping expense records


Other Improvements

  • Notifications improvements to keep you informed quicker
  • Contacts and Organisations is now “soft released” to keep your HR and office contacts in one place
  • Template snippets for reusable headings, footers and text
  • Drag and drop files directly from your desktop into employee records and most other areas of Devi for quick uploading