Manage your employees.

Whether it’s managing an on-boarding process or an employee directory, Devi makes your employees more productive while adding an element of fun!

Team Onboarding

Let Devi help bring new team members up to speed quickly.

Get them onboard

Give your employees a running start in their new position with Devi’s simple and intuitive web-based on-boarding process that you can customize to your companies needs. You tell Devi your new team members’ e-mail address and your new team member will take care of the rest.

Let them do the hard work

Just sit down and relax! Your employees fill in their information you’ll need like their passport number, bank account information and emergency contacts so your on-boarding process is completed and you have one less thing to do.


You can also add custom fields to the employee on-boarding program to tailor your directory to your needs. Want to know if you’ll need to order a vegetarian pizza at the next company birthday party? Add dietary preference as a custom field and you’ll know right away.

Team Directory

Custom organize your employees’ information so you take the right action at the right time.

The Team Directory is your single source of employee information to check off actions on your to-do list. And the best part is that it is all customizable!

  • View your teammates availability
  • Check when was the last performance review
  • View employee’s employment history
  • Record and track employee’s time off
  • Record and view employee’s personal information
  • Store ID cards documents
  • Create and store employment contracts


  • Missing something? Just create custom fields!


Team Requests

Quickly resolve your employee request to ensure smooth sailing.

There’s a million and one little things that your employees will ask of you. They may not seem like urgent priorities, but someone still has to review and approve to keep the workplace moving smoothly.

Devi lets you and your employees put in small requests (“approve my new business cards please!”) so you can action things quickly and provide feedback for your employees.

Leave Requests

Don’t try and keep your team’s schedule in your head. Let Devi manage your team’s leaves and absences.

Knowing when you team members are in and out of the office without asking every time helps you plan and work more efficiently. And your employees will know how much leave they have left so they can better manage their sick and holiday leaves.

Don’t waste time going back and forth over e-mail, let Devi track and notify you when an approval is needed.