Our Dream of Perfect Office Management

Perfect Office Management

Devi’s team have a dream – it’s going to be tough but we know what we want. Our team have been developing custom web and mobile apps for over 12 years for customers and now it’s our turn to make something beautiful for ourselves.

We’re a growing business with the same growing pains every small business has. We’re always thinking about how to build the team but we know this means more paperwork and an increase of general office management. We have all worked for other companies and it’s only until you do your own business when you realise how hard it actually is.

This is where Devi comes in. Devi was originally a small bit of software built in-house to hold employee details, request holiday leave, generate simple invoices and handle making PDF payroll stubs. As we were building our main development system our need for a better system became clear.

We want to build something new, innovative and solve a real problem – save time, avoid headaches and keep employees happy.

This is the start of our journey and we welcome you to join us! Sign up now to Devi and get your free trial. We have a live chat support installed so if you have any ideas just send us a message at anytime!