Devi Release Employee Objectives, History and Comments!

Devi Office Release

We are happy to announce version 1.1 of Devi Office Management System has been released.


Improvements, Updates and Bug Fixes

Commenting, employee objectives, employment history, easier to update employee details, task improvements and much more. Over 41 improvements, 3 new features and 40 bug fixes.



Tasks, Employees, Pages and other content you store in Devi now have comments. Quickly write a note or a reply and your team will be notified.



Employee History

In one simple screen you can now view your employees job history. Position and department changes are listed in a time line for easy understanding. We’ll also be showing salary increases and bonuses soon!

Employee History



A simple list of objectives for your employees is critical for them to understand their career path. You can now enter your employee objectives which can be tracked and flexible with due dates.

Employee Objectives