Company Customization

At the core of what we do, we understand that one size does not fit all. Each business is different. Each business owner is different. And each business evolves over time, so you need the power to make Devi’s software evolve alongside you. While we keep things simple to start, we’ll also give you powerful tools for when you need Devi to do something that’s a little unique, and a little, well, you.

Company Setup

From Day One, you’ll make Devi fit you, not the other way around.

Setting up your business in Devi is like raising a child. It’s worth the extra time so that it matches the way you want to work with your team.

Let Devi take you through the steps so you can personalize your workplace environment online. You’ll better understand everything, Devi can help you do and how it fits into your team’s work culture. And if you still have any questions, Devi support is available through an on-screen chat function to get you started.

Company Policies and Procedures

You set the rules for your business, but let Devi make sure your team understands and lives by them.

Your policies and procedures are part of the DNA of the workplace culture you’re trying to build.

Devi makes sure your employees know where to look when they have questions about how the way things work in your business, but also makes sure you know that they’ve taken the time to learn how they should collaborate in your environment.

Custom Fields

The foundation of making every aspect of workplace culture match your vision.

To really make Devi as flexible as it needs to be to fit all small businesses, we’ve made almost every field customizable. Owners have the power to respond to their team members’ requests and help them adopt and benefit from Devi.

3rd Party Integrations

We understand we won’t do everything you want.
But we’ll do everything you can to help you integrate your existing software systems to empower you.

Devi integrates with many of the popular software platforms you use to keep your business moving quickly. Devi can reach you and your teams by sending notifications through Google Calendar, Slack and Hipchat. These integrations help you benefit from Devi more quickly and avoid changing the way your employees already communicate internally.

Company Reports

Just the information to see through the trees and make important decisions.

Sometimes, you don’t have the information you need. Sometimes, you have too much information. Devi’s reports are carefully crafted to make sure you don’t get overloaded and see only the information that lets you analyze and make the right decisions.

Company Custom Processes

We know we don’t know what you know.

You’ll start your journey with Devi with some processes that almost every business needs to use. But we don’t want to limit you, so we’ve built Devi from the ground-up so you can create your own automated processes and notifications.

Each time you build your own Custom Processes, you’re fine-tuning your company culture to make you ever more efficient.