Behind the scenes – Devi design 2.0!


This is a sneak peak at what our incredible designers and user experience experts at Devi are working on. We’re continually improving the design and navigation to make Devi feel simple and beautiful to use.

Devi’s future is lead by our customers pain points and their suggestions. We wouldn’t have gotten this far without the great support from all of our early adopters and local businesses in Bangkok – so thank you to all of those who have helped with our journey so far!


New side menu navigation and viewing an employee

Time sheets are coming to Devi soon with some fantastic quick glance analytics

Adding time sheets for multiple projects and tasks within the projects


We’re making these changes to make Devi even easier to use. Devi has turned into a relatively simple product into a suite of business tools to automate, optimise and grow your business so adjustments to the navigation and the overall feel of the system are critical for us to keep an easy to use system that any small business can use.

The next big steps for Devi over the next few quarters are releasing projects, time sheets and our fantastic invoicing system. We have a long list of other great features suggested by our early adopters that we’ll be implementing this year including asset management, reminders and more integrations like Zapier.

Existing users of Devi will start to see some of these design changes rolled out over the next few months. We’re really open to suggestions and any comments so let us know on the live support in your account!