Beers in the Office?

Beers in the Office

Companies all over the world are modernising. Very recently Tesco’s UK published a press release to their employees about accepting tattoos and piercings when previously it may have gone against your interview outcome.

So what about a fridge full of beer in the office?

Countries like the UK when it hits Friday afternoon the staff will run to the pub. Maybe it’s a weekday so excuses can be made to sneak in an afternoon pint with your lunch. In other countries like Asia it’s not so cultural to go out with your colleagues after work for a beer and this is where it might work best.

There are certainly a few eye brows raised from other business owners when companies advertise jobs and state they have free beer – what employee wouldn’t want to work there? There are interesting ideas for doing this. It can bring the team together, loosen everyone up a bit and create some needed bonding. A beer at work is seen at “taboo”. Drinking down a beer while doing some spreadsheets might make you slip off your shoes, put your feet up, have a laugh and talk about plans for the weekend.

We spend so much time in the office why not take a few hours to relax on a Friday? 9 to 5 jobs are still here – there are people trying to shake this up but for some industries it doesn’t work yet.

Things could go terribly wrong of course. Beer isn’t known as recipe of peace and calm so keep your eye out and make only keep it to a Friday afternoon.

Give it ago! There are plenty of online beer delivery web sites and get your company to pick up the receipt. You’re the boss so of course you should also grab a beer and have a laugh with the staff. It’s on the company expenses so use it as a wet your whistle before you start the weekend!