Accounting & FINANCE

Accounting sounds scary to a lot of small business owners. So we’ve taken the essentials that any business needs to run and built the tools to help you delegate daily accounting responsibilities to your employees. Whether it’s invoicing your clients, reimbursing expense claims or approving payroll, you’ll experience a less daunting workday. And you’ll still be able to see the big picture and get reliable overviews of your financial situation.

Simple Bookkeeping

Barebones but smart expense management so your team can help simplify bookkeeping.

As owners, you often take more responsibilities than you probably should. For bookkeeping, it’s often because the systems we use focus on features we don’t really need to run day-to-day.

Devi’s approach is to keep bookkeeping software simple so that you can more easily let employees contribute to bookkeeping tasks while still providing the intelligence you need to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Employee Payroll

All the software automation you need to make payroll a breeze.

Devi hears that a lot of owners cringe when it’s payroll time. You’ll enter salary, do the necessary earning adjustments and tax deductions, but from there Devi will take care of generating your payroll. When you’re done, just mark the payroll as paid and you’re back to focusing on what makes your business great!

Customer Invoices

With Devi, Managing invoices isn’t a complicated process. Really.

Devi’s way of managing your invoices is clean and uncluttered. Just select your customer, set the invoice dates, the purchased products and services and the applicable taxes to generate your invoice. Need to include a quick message to your client? Just add a custom note to communicate any important additional information.

Expense Claims

The dreaded expense claim process as easy as drag-and-drop.

No one likes the endless collating, calculating and claiming process of reimbursements. From a single screen, your employees will file their expense claims, drag-and-drop a picture of the receipt, and Devi will notify of their claim. Review, approve or deny expense claims and move on to your real priorities.