We Recognized a Common Problem

Back in 2012, our team began working on customized mobile and web-based systems to help startups and big corporations alike, all across the UK and throughout Thailand. As our team grew, we began to notice a definite need for an office management system to help us track everything. If we couldn’t keep everything in a single place, our growth was going to be affected.


We Wanted a Single Tool to Cover All of Our Needs

We tried numerous different options for office management systems, but none of them incorporated everything we needed. We wanted a comprehensive overview of everything going on in our business in a single place, including invoices, payroll, employee details, attendance, and receipts for expenditures. Instead of struggling to work with a few systems for all of this information, in December of 2014, we opted to create our own program to become the ideal solution for our needs.

As we kept adjusting our new program to cover more and more problems, people we worked with began to take notice. They appreciated how our new system was able to replace all of the other office management systems for small businesses. To us, this was something we used internally, but to them, this was a program that could simplify their lives.


Validation Was Used to Make Devi Even Better

Once we realized how useful Devi could be, we began reaching out to small and medium-sized companies near us, to find out what problems they were looking for solutions to. As we were able to identify and understand the problems they were facing, we were able to develop Devi to help solve those problems as well. We asked those same companies to give Devi a try so we could gather more feedback and information, and have worked to continually improve it so they can run their businesses even better!

What could Devi do to help your business grow?