5 Tips to Keep Your Employees


There is more than just hiring employees and what is not said enough is how to keep employees. It’s key because the hiring process is just the beginning – if you want to keep your employees for years to come you need to keep them engaged and happy.



The first thing you need to do is understand and recognize that each employee is different and unique. Many managers will look at employees as a group, such as developers, testers and customer support. But you need to look at them individually because they are different.



You need to identify with each one of them what are their goals and what do they want to achieve. Determine their long term career path and help them get there. Then you can work with them daily and weekly to achieve these goals. For example if an employee wants to become a manager of the customer support group you need to work with them, set out their objectives together and work with them on achieving this.



A happy employee is very important. It’s a win-win situation. It sounds a little naive to think about happy people in our day and age where it’s really revenue, goals and metrics that managers want achieved. But a happy employee will do a better job, but it’s more important for you if you want to keep people. If employees are not happy they will not stay and this can have a snowball effect with other people around them.



Take employees for coffee, or lunch. Take an hour every week and sit down with your staff over a lunch or a cup of coffee and have a simple discussion about their life, their wife, kids and hobbies. Whatever it is don’t pretend to care – really do care! This will open a new bridge between you and your employees that cannot be done any other way. Employees will stay working for people who care for them.



Give feedback. It’s very important for everyone to know how good or bad of a job they’re doing so we can improve. We don’t give enough feedback, we expect them to understand things automatically by reading our mind or reading between the lines on our emails. But it’s not the case. People need to be heard very clearly and how they’re doing. If you think about it we have always got feedback, from our parents or our teachers and nothing will change. We all need to improve and everyone wants to become better at what they do.