Automate, optimize and simplify your small business and office management. Have more time to focus on what really matters!


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Manage your employees!

Get organized. Keep all your employees’ information in one place, store their documents, view their employment history, get to know when was their last performance review, when they got a raise, when they are available for a meeting. Learn more

Manage your Payroll

It has never been easier to manage your payroll.

Be in control of your payroll. Devi will remind you every month to do it and auto prefill most of the information that you already entered for each your employees. You can then customize this info, add custom taxes or earnings, set special payroll period and more.


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Employee OnBoarding

We know how much time it takes to get all your employees on board of a new platform. Devi helps you automate this process by getting your employees to fill up this information for you.

Notifications & reminders

Never forget a birthday, upcoming vacation from your employees, a performance review, overdue invoice, and any other important event again. Devi is here to remind you when you need it.

Powerful & flexible

Missing some information or need more reminders and notifications. Devi is really flexible yet powerful. You can add custom fields, create custom messages, reminders and notifications.

Plan your day, week, month

With our powerful task, events and request, you will be able to manage your office like an expert, save a lot of time and focus on what really matters: growing your business. 


Devi creates a lot of automatic events and reminders for you. Never forget a birthday again and be reminded of the next monthly or yearly performance review, end of probation… You can also integrate with Google calendar to import or export your existing calendars. 

Tasks & Requests

Manage all your admin task in one place with Devi. You can create new ones, assign it to the person in charge and follow the progress. Your employees can also create tasks to request a salary certificate, Medical Claim, Purchase Request and more.


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Accounting & Finance

Manage all your finances and accounting in one place. Your information is safe with us.

Manage your finances like a pro

Devi allows you to record all your expenses, incomes, send invoices to your clients, record expense claims and track that it has been refunded to your employees.

Your data is yours

Create custom reports to email your shareholders or just keep them as a reference on your computer. You can also download a full backup of your data at any time if you decide to leave Devi for another system. 


Your data is also really secure with us. We will never share with third party and we use the latest technologies to make sure our servers and system are really secure.


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